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Liverpool Sound City: Youth Live

April 17, 2010



Liverpool Sound City: Youth Live, March 2010 – May 2010

We want to say thank you to everyone who came down to support the bands that played during the Liverpool Sound City: Youth Live events that took place throughout March at the Zanzibar.

We also want to thank our winning bands for putting on a great show, this includes The Temps, Copyright and Go Fiasco – Well done boys!

We want to pay a special thank you to Tony and his team at the Zanzibar who made sure the events ran smoothly without any hiccups.

So…Throughout March a selection of bands were chosen from 50 applicants to perform at one of three heats.  The final bands that played were:

1. Laisser Faire
2. The Temps
3. The Little Hydes
4. Frontline
5. Copyright
6. Ladykillers
7. The Dirty Faces
8. The Envy
9. Go Fiasco
10. Purple Riot
11. Day Will Come

A panel of judges chose the final three bands to play at the Liverpool Sound City festival on Seel Street on the 22nd May 2010.  The bands may also play The Maccabees gig at the 02 Academy on May 22nd, check out for more information

The Judges were:

1. Rebekah Freeman – CIIA
2. Nicholas Baskerville – CIIA
3. Anthony Butler – Zanzibar
4. David Pichilingi – Liverpool Sound City
5. Alan Wills – Delta Sonic
6. Peter Guy – Liverpool Echo Music Columnist
7. Gary Murphy – The Bandits, the Bandwagon Club, Starwood Management
8. Deidre Lynskey – Aimhigher

Three of the judges will be mentoring the winning bands over the course of the next 2 months in the lead up to their performance during Liverpool Sound City.  The bands will have the opportunity to perform in front of delegates from all over the world working in the Music Business.

For more information about the judges mentoring the bands please visit


Now we have our finalists and they will be playing at the festival we still have to crown the overall winner of the Liverpool Sound City: Youth Live 2010.  We will be putting this to a vote.  Whichever band you support and would like to win then you will be able to vote by text.

The text numbers will be released in the next blog.  The winning band will get a day in the studio with professional mentoring to lay down and arrange their tracks.  As well as this they will get an array of prizes.

Watch This Space, more information coming soon, including text numbers…

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