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Liverpool Sound City Youth Live Gig review

May 26, 2010



Saturday the 22nd saw the final of the Liverpool Sound City: Youth Live Competition at The Masque. The two finalists, The Temps and Copyright were both playing to be the winner of this year’s competition. The process of selecting the bands began in March at The Zanzibar with the legendary Tony Butler allowing Liverpool Sound City to host the events during the regular ” Rain” events.

The Temps played first with their expected attitude and energy impressing many, who have not yet been exposed to the pleasures of Lead singer Joey’s larger than life performance. His frenetic bouncing around on and off the stage certainly kept the audience glued. The band echoed his stage persona with their equally entertaining show of exuberance and dynamics. They definitely inspire both the young to be in a band and, remind many old timers of why they did it and even had a few industry moguls reminiscing about their good old days. This band is definitely one to watch.


The second band to grace the stage was Copyright.  This four piece band from West Derby graced us with their pleasure in style. Having worked with Al Wills of Deltasonic for two months (sometimes being brutally honest with them) the boys have definitely become men. Lead singer Adam’s performance was cool and stylish and he captivated his audience, with his boyish good looks and mature attack. The Lead guitarist made an excellent second in command backing up his commandeering chief in spectacular style. He held his position and delivered blow after blow. This band have the good looks and work ethic to make an impact on the gigging circuit of Liverpool.


Alas someone had to take the winners position and as voted by the public the band Copyright is the official title holders of Liverpool Sound City Youth Live. The Temps, as always decent guys were the first to congratulate them. We would like to congratulate Copyright and to thank all the bands who took part in Liverpool Sound City Youth Live 2010. The heats will begin for Sound City Youth Live 2011 in October of this year. If you are interested in applying please watch this space and look out for posters in your schools, The Zanzibar and on MySpace.  To join MySpace go to

Many thanks to Tony Butler, David Pichilingi, Darren Roper, all bands and others who without their support this event would not have taken place. As voted by the public.


Liverpool Sound City Youth Live: Mid Week Results

May 13, 2010


The polls are hotting up as we head towards the gig during Liverpool Sound City which takes place from the 19th – 22nd May 2010. As we draw closer we thought we would release a sneak peak at the results – to encourage you to keep voting.

To see the current results please visit HERE (link has been removed)

Remember only one vote per person will count towards the final results. Please keep voting. It’s going to be a close one. Also you can no longer vote for Go Fiasco who have dropped out of the competition because of reasons known to themselves. This is a 2 horse race.

To vote for The Temps send the number 2171 to 0778 620 9876
To vote for Copyright send the number 2172 to 0778 620 9876


WWLTRN: Miami off  the Total Life Forever album by Foals

Liverpool Sound City: Youth Live –Vote Now! 07786209876

May 5, 2010



Hi there,

At CIIA We are all getting very excited in the build up to Liverpool Sound City.

As we draw nearer to the festival we need to crown the overall winner of Liverpool Sound City: Youth Live.  To do this we have put together a text voting system.

The numbers to vote are:

The Temps:        2171

Copyright:           2172

Go Fiasco:           2173

Please send the corresponding number only to 07786209876.  Please note you need to be 18 year old or over or pay the bill or have the bill payers permission before you enter.

You can vote more than once and the text will cost your standard mobile operators rates.

We will keep you updated of the results through the CIIA website

The winner and prizes will be announced after the Liverpool Sound City festival.

The Liverpool Sound City Live Guide has now been produced and is being distributed throughout the city -  If you spot a copy pick one up and have a read – there are some exciting events happening across the City

More information will be posted on the CIIA website, Facebook and Twitter groups.

Many thanks

CIIA and Liverpool Sound City

WWLTRN Heads Will Roll (A-Trax remix) by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs