Liverpool Sound City Youth Live Part 2

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Following the final event at the Masque on Seel Street during the Liverpool Sound City festival here are a few snaps courtesy of Mark McNulty of the winning band Copyright.  For more information please go to

DSC_0036 DSC_0038 DSC_0040 DSC_0041 DSC_0043 DSC_0044 DSC_0046 DSC_0048 DSC_0051 DSC_2889

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Hello Again

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We have been away on holiday for a wee while and now we’re back to update you with our plans for the rest of 2010 and the New Year. 

First things first, It’s worth mentioning our position in relation to the new Government, we see this as a positive step, more so we are awaiting the Spending Review on the 20th October which should shape the way for our future and the work we hope to be a part of in 2011. We will make a post in October that addresses the Spending Review and keep you posted on how this affects us.

It’s been a good year for us so far and all our work and involvement with the Liverpool Sound City festival is now officially over. We’re currently putting together ideas to develop our website. We will soon be displaying some of the work the young people we have been working with have created. Please check the website for any updates. 

We held at event at the beginning of July where the Broadcasting Futures students were able to showcase the Music Industry Careers Guide film they had been working on. This went down really well with Deidre Lynskey from Aimhigher Greater Merseyside saying:

“I want to thank you and the rest of the team for a fantastic Broadcasting Futures project.  I thought the film that you all produced was excellent.  What really showed was the excellent team work displayed by the young people.  It was obvious that the roles they took, whether in front of the camera or behind were chosen thoughtfully and thus created an excellent piece of work.

The Professionals who worked with the young people obviously were very generous in their sharing of their expertise and I would ask you to thank them for this, it is important for young people to get a realistic view of their future career choice and Broadcasting futures did this expertly.”


The film has now been finished and will be up on the website soon.

So following on from the Broadcasting Futures project and with the positive feedback we received we have now been commissioned by Aimhigher Greater Merseyside to produce a short film that documents careers in the National Health Service. The new film will be ready by the end of October. We’re really excited about this and we will display the film once it is completed through our website.

Through this film we have taken two young people from Liverpool and gave them their first onscreen debut, trained them to become presenters and they will be delivering the NHS Careers film. We cannot say who they are at the moment but all will be revealed when the film is finished and aired.

For more information please keep checking our blog or get in touch. In our next blog we will update you with our new projects for 2010 and the New Year.

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Catch Up!

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It’s been a while since we last blogged so there is plenty to catch up on.  Our last entry was towards the end of May.  Since then we have worked with several students on the In The Mix project.

This was a smashing success and thanks to Jenny Young, David Surman and Curtis Holligan for their excellent workshop deliveries.

Our last blog was about the Liverpool Sound City: Youth Live final.  Again well done to Copyright – who will be performing at our final Showcase on the 26th June at The Picket, between 14:30 – 16:30.  More information below.

During the event we had photographer Mark McNulty take some photos.  Here are a few of The Temps



DSC_0026 for more.

More photos will be uploaded to our gallery soon.  Please check our website

So then with the competition all tied up, the winner’s Copyright decided to split the prize with The Temps and the boys are all working hard recording new material and playing gigs all over the city.

On to the next one…

Our students taking part in this years Broadcasting Futures project have turned out to be quite the film makers.  Our budding film makes and presenters are currently editing the footage and adding final touches.  The film is due to be completed on the 26th June, just in time for the Showcase taking place at The Picket, Jordan Street.  Gig details at the bottom of this blog.

Here are a few shots of the groups gathering footage during the Liverpool Sound City festival 2010.



This is film crew 1 filming an interview with Liverpool Sound City: Youth Live winners – Copyright, just after their gig and outside the Artist’s Lounge.

We are all looking forward to seeing the results of their hard work.  Charlotte seen in the picture above interviewing the band is carving out  her future career as a presenter.

With the filming taken care of, we at CIIA moved into the Alima Centre, Sefton Street for three days of Hip Hop music and dance workshops.  In The Mix was a great success with young people turning up and taking part from all over the City.  The participants have put together a series of performances, with some of the young people opting to DJ, these will be performed during the final CIIA showcase event, alongside Copyright and the showing of the CIIA Broadcasting Futures film.  This will take place on the 26th June at The Picket as previously mentioned.

Here are some of the pictures from the music workshops.

Here at CIIA we are looking at ways we can make In The Mix a regular occurrence.  If you would like to get involved with this project, then please contact us on  We would love to hear from you whether you want to take part or if your an organisation and want to help develop the Idea.  For more information about In The Mix please visit

As we draw to a conclusion with the projects we have ran this year so far, we want you to stay posted for new up and coming projects to get involved with.  More information will be put up soon about our future work.

The final CIIA showcase combines performances from all our students and the showing of the Broadcasting Futures film.  26th June 2010 at The Picket on Jordan Street, Liverpool from 14:30 – 16:30, a free event to see and celebrate the young people’s work.  Come along.  Music and Dance performances, bands, film showing and a few DJs and solo performances.

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Liverpool Sound City Youth Live Gig review

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Saturday the 22nd saw the final of the Liverpool Sound City: Youth Live Competition at The Masque. The two finalists, The Temps and Copyright were both playing to be the winner of this year’s competition. The process of selecting the bands began in March at The Zanzibar with the legendary Tony Butler allowing Liverpool Sound City to host the events during the regular ” Rain” events.

The Temps played first with their expected attitude and energy impressing many, who have not yet been exposed to the pleasures of Lead singer Joey’s larger than life performance. His frenetic bouncing around on and off the stage certainly kept the audience glued. The band echoed his stage persona with their equally entertaining show of exuberance and dynamics. They definitely inspire both the young to be in a band and, remind many old timers of why they did it and even had a few industry moguls reminiscing about their good old days. This band is definitely one to watch.


The second band to grace the stage was Copyright.  This four piece band from West Derby graced us with their pleasure in style. Having worked with Al Wills of Deltasonic for two months (sometimes being brutally honest with them) the boys have definitely become men. Lead singer Adam’s performance was cool and stylish and he captivated his audience, with his boyish good looks and mature attack. The Lead guitarist made an excellent second in command backing up his commandeering chief in spectacular style. He held his position and delivered blow after blow. This band have the good looks and work ethic to make an impact on the gigging circuit of Liverpool.


Alas someone had to take the winners position and as voted by the public the band Copyright is the official title holders of Liverpool Sound City Youth Live. The Temps, as always decent guys were the first to congratulate them. We would like to congratulate Copyright and to thank all the bands who took part in Liverpool Sound City Youth Live 2010. The heats will begin for Sound City Youth Live 2011 in October of this year. If you are interested in applying please watch this space and look out for posters in your schools, The Zanzibar and on MySpace.  To join MySpace go to

Many thanks to Tony Butler, David Pichilingi, Darren Roper, all bands and others who without their support this event would not have taken place. As voted by the public.

Liverpool Sound City Youth Live: Mid Week Results

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The polls are hotting up as we head towards the gig during Liverpool Sound City which takes place from the 19th – 22nd May 2010. As we draw closer we thought we would release a sneak peak at the results – to encourage you to keep voting.

To see the current results please visit HERE (link has been removed)

Remember only one vote per person will count towards the final results. Please keep voting. It’s going to be a close one. Also you can no longer vote for Go Fiasco who have dropped out of the competition because of reasons known to themselves. This is a 2 horse race.

To vote for The Temps send the number 2171 to 0778 620 9876
To vote for Copyright send the number 2172 to 0778 620 9876


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Liverpool Sound City: Youth Live –Vote Now! 07786209876

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Hi there,

At CIIA We are all getting very excited in the build up to Liverpool Sound City.

As we draw nearer to the festival we need to crown the overall winner of Liverpool Sound City: Youth Live.  To do this we have put together a text voting system.

The numbers to vote are:

The Temps:        2171

Copyright:           2172

Go Fiasco:           2173

Please send the corresponding number only to 07786209876.  Please note you need to be 18 year old or over or pay the bill or have the bill payers permission before you enter.

You can vote more than once and the text will cost your standard mobile operators rates.

We will keep you updated of the results through the CIIA website

The winner and prizes will be announced after the Liverpool Sound City festival.

The Liverpool Sound City Live Guide has now been produced and is being distributed throughout the city -  If you spot a copy pick one up and have a read – there are some exciting events happening across the City

More information will be posted on the CIIA website, Facebook and Twitter groups.

Many thanks

CIIA and Liverpool Sound City

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Liverpool Sound City: Youth Live

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Liverpool Sound City: Youth Live, March 2010 – May 2010

We want to say thank you to everyone who came down to support the bands that played during the Liverpool Sound City: Youth Live events that took place throughout March at the Zanzibar.

We also want to thank our winning bands for putting on a great show, this includes The Temps, Copyright and Go Fiasco – Well done boys!

We want to pay a special thank you to Tony and his team at the Zanzibar who made sure the events ran smoothly without any hiccups.

So…Throughout March a selection of bands were chosen from 50 applicants to perform at one of three heats.  The final bands that played were:

1. Laisser Faire
2. The Temps
3. The Little Hydes
4. Frontline
5. Copyright
6. Ladykillers
7. The Dirty Faces
8. The Envy
9. Go Fiasco
10. Purple Riot
11. Day Will Come

A panel of judges chose the final three bands to play at the Liverpool Sound City festival on Seel Street on the 22nd May 2010.  The bands may also play The Maccabees gig at the 02 Academy on May 22nd, check out for more information

The Judges were:

1. Rebekah Freeman – CIIA
2. Nicholas Baskerville – CIIA
3. Anthony Butler – Zanzibar
4. David Pichilingi – Liverpool Sound City
5. Alan Wills – Delta Sonic
6. Peter Guy – Liverpool Echo Music Columnist
7. Gary Murphy – The Bandits, the Bandwagon Club, Starwood Management
8. Deidre Lynskey – Aimhigher

Three of the judges will be mentoring the winning bands over the course of the next 2 months in the lead up to their performance during Liverpool Sound City.  The bands will have the opportunity to perform in front of delegates from all over the world working in the Music Business.

For more information about the judges mentoring the bands please visit


Now we have our finalists and they will be playing at the festival we still have to crown the overall winner of the Liverpool Sound City: Youth Live 2010.  We will be putting this to a vote.  Whichever band you support and would like to win then you will be able to vote by text.

The text numbers will be released in the next blog.  The winning band will get a day in the studio with professional mentoring to lay down and arrange their tracks.  As well as this they will get an array of prizes.

Watch This Space, more information coming soon, including text numbers…

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